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Free / Paid Business Tools

After 20 years of running many online businesses & offline businesses, I've become a search-a-holic. I spend hours a day searching for free tools and software online. Nothing drives me crazier than some website that points out the obvious and tells you to download tools from the google app store or tells you to open a Facebook page to help your business succeed.

So I'm going to assume you are past that point and want some real business resoursces to grow your business. If you have anything to add to this list let me know as I am always adding to it.   

Business Software

  • Snapfiles  - Never got a virus in the 20 years using SnapFiles. They always find and all their software before offering it on their website. Lots of free programs and shareware. 

  • PostoPlanner - Like many other sites, like Buffer, Postify & Post planner,  Postoplanner allows you to schedule posts to an UNLIMITED amount of Facebook Groups & pages, LinkedIn, Google Business, Instagram, and more. 

  • GroupCollector - Amazing Lead generation app. Start a couple of Facebook Groups. Ask members for an email address when members join. GroupCollector will visit all your groups and collect and accept or deny new members. lots of options to use.

Royalty-Free Video, Photos & Music

  • Pexels  -  Photo's & Video's

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Email & Marketing

  • MOOSEND - With Moosend you pay for the number of leads you have and can send UNLIMITED emails to your email list. beautiful temples and landing pages. 500 accounts free!!

  • MailChimp Very good mailing program, pay per email, free templates.

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