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Things in Your House You Can Sell on SnowBird Auction Today!

broke with no money
Need to make fast money

Your car is on empty, your rent check is late, and your fridge is bare. Clearly, you’re facing a cash-flow crisis. Whether your bank account is withdrawn due to unexpected emergencies or budgeting issues, one thing is for sure: You need money, and you need it fast.

Luckily, sites like SnowBird Auction get you back on track. You could always find another job, start babysitting or dog walking, however, these side gigs aren't for everyone. Cutting costs is another choice. You can most likely live without Netflix and or weekend Ice cream.

However, you may be sitting on a gold mine.

Sell your stuff! SnowBird Groups has been working hard to offer over 50 spam-free, safe Facebook groups in Northern Ontario for many years. Now we are helping our seller maximize their revenue with SnowBird Auction.

Here is a great list of things you may have at home you can sell on SnowBird Auction.

Ready to turn your closet chaos into a financial windfall?


You probably won’t get rich selling old books online. But clearing out your shelves can be a way to stretch your budget until next payday.

Gift cards

A gift card to a store you never shop at is basically wasted money. Fortunately, you can turn that plastic into cash


Selling old furniture that’s taking up space in your basement or attic is one of the best ways to make cash fast.


Time to clean out your closet and fill your wallet. Clothing is a fast seller, especially good-name branded items.

Sports equipment

Your kids may not have made it to the NHL, but their old sports equipment could put a small dent in the tuition bill.


Film collectors are still eager to get their hands on old VHS copies of classic animated films

Scrap Metal

Old Percy sitting in the backyard rusting away. It may be worth auctioning it off for scrap. who knows It may be a classic.

Kids toys

Kids outgrow their toys fast. usually by boxing day. But toys could be a big moneymaker.


Why not make some money off that failed relationship? Selling unwanted rings, bracelets, and other fine jewelry has long been a popular way to make extra cash

Vintage stuff

Do you have an old crate of stuff from grandma’s house just sitting in your attic or a box of childhood toys gathering dust in your basement? You'll never know how much it's worth unless you list it to auction.

Handmade goods

If you are handy with arts and crafts, you can sell these quickly, especially around the holidays.


You may not have a Picasso on your wall, but art sells. whether you paint it yourself or bought it at a yard sale, it may be valuable.

Your services

That's right! You may auction off your services, such as cutting grass or cleaning for a day. it may turn into something long-term.


Warning! tools are a big seller, but just because you have never seen him use it, doesn't mean you should sell it.

The best advice, take a walk around the house, even get the kids to help. clean out a closet on the weekend and ask yourself, will I ever use this again, is it worth anything.

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Home &

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